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Award-Winning Author Jeannie Walker


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Walker's debut book"Fighting the Devil" wins awards

Book of the Year True Crime Silver Awards Winner (2010)

National Indie Excellence Awards True Crime Finalist (2011)

Independent AUTHOR NETWORK Finalist Outstanding Book of the Year (2016)

"Fighting the Devil" Documentaries airs on National TV (1995) (2005) (2014)

 The Award-Winning Author writes Non-Fiction TRUE STORIES that come to life


 TRUE CRIME  "Fighting the Devil" 

      "Fighting the Devil" is a true crime book that chills the readers' blood. The very first page grabs readers attention.            

The award-winning author establishes a strong voice in the first few pages. "Fighting the Devil" is a well-written narrative non-fiction about a horrific crime. The dialogue sounds authenic and natural. It has a good description of the Texas setting and surroundings. It is engaging and keeps the reader's interest throughout. All in all, the book is well executed and a pleasure to read.

Recollections, observations, police records, court transcripts, news articles, medical reports, and memories of lives touched are all dimensions to this story. It is a story about a family forced to endure more than any family should have to endure, along with the trials and tribulations I lived through. No one could have predicted the aftermath with its strange twists and unexpected results.

Jeannie Walker interview- "A lot of people said this story needed to be told. I wrote Fighting the Devil to speak for my millionaire ex-husband, who no longer has a voice. He was murdered in an unthinkable and horrendous way. I am the mother of his only children. We are now Crime Victims in a Criminal Justice System that does not always work for the victims.

For a long time I have felt the "presence" of my ex-husband, who cannot rest in peace. I am writing the words to tell you the blood-curdling details of his murder and the search for justice afterwards. I am writing to tell you how I and law enforcement struggled and fought against the devil's wrath." 


Texas Millionaire Jerry Sternadel was  murdered in a heinous way by caregivers continually giving him arsenic poison until he died.
Jeannie Walker is the mother of his only children. She became a real-life sleuth to help solve his murder.
Some thought Jeannie and Jerry Sternadel had a perfect life. They were wealthy and proud parents of a son and a daughter, and owned a thriving business. That all changed when the devil turned their world upside down. Jerry Sternadel started out good, but somewhere along the line he became a person consumed with lust for power and sinful ways. After he and Jeannie divorced, he sealed his fate when he married his second wife and hired her good friend as his bookkeeper.
Jerry Sternadel was murdered in such a horrible way that people say it would have been better if the women had just taken a gun and shot him."