Jeannie Walker
Award-Winning Author


True Crime: "Fighting the Devil" - True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder

True Near-Death Experience: "I Saw the Light"  - True Story of a Near-Death Experience

True Ghost Story: "Thomas, The Friendly Ghost"  -  True Story of Ghostly Encounters  

True Crime/Biography: "Forever in My Heart" - True Story of Coincidence and Destiny

Illustrated Children's Story: "The Rain Snake" - True Story of Love, Faith, and Trust in God

True Story of Abuse: "Regrets" - True Story of Suffering, Abuse and Exploitation


On the water

Jeannie Walker is an Award Winning Author and Award Winning Songwriter.

She studied creative writing in New York and Connecticut and is a member of the International Association of Writers.




                         Jeannie Walker was sad to learn her ex-husband had been murdered

   Jeannie Walker was happy when one of the women suspected of murdering
her ex-husband was tried and convicted for First Degree Murder