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Honest reviews from book reviewers for Jeannie Walker's award-winning true crime "Fighting the Devil".

              Rusty Purkiss

   ***** Five Stars to Fighting the Devil

 Amazing Book! 

The author goes into great detail on how she personally assisted in the investigation of the murder case of her own ex-husband. Despite that fact that she was no longer emotionally connected with this man, and had actually suffered abuse through her marriage with him, she fought a battle for years to expose those who murdered him. It exposes once again how low people will go to gain wealth and what they are willing to do. It is a bit of an expose' of our judicial system and how people can literally "get away with murder" by playing "the game" of cat and mouse with the law. A good name for the book! Fighting the Devil! A dedicated soul seeking the truth to help her family find closure with a very negative and sad situation.

I was amazed at the dedication Jeannie had to pursue the truth through the years of hard work it took to investigate and at her own personal expense! This is a very detailed book that takes you through the arduous task of getting to the bottom of the story. It is also amazing to me how our judicial system is such a bureaucratically weaved web that you have to fight so hard, not only the devil, but practically the whole establishment to get justice! That took an amazing amount of love, I believe mostly towards her children to gain this victory! She literally had to Fight the Devil!


             Barbara Hightower

    ***** 5 Stars to Fighting the Devil

My 2 cents:

Jeannie is a great writer and this book sets itself apart from other true crime reads in my opinion.  I could not believe how the justice system really worked in this case and without spoiling the book, the things that happen just make you step back and wonder what on earth were some people thinking.

I did not know about this book at all until Jeannie contacted me.  I have to say I am glad she did.  I wasn't sure how I was going to react to the book.  It is an eye opener how things work.  Jeannie's memories were outstanding.  There is so much information you just dive in and start working things out in your head as you are reading.  Jeannie steps in to figure out who murdered her millionaire ex-husband, Jerry Sternadel.  The Texas rancher was poisoned to death with arsenic poison.  While Jerry was in the hospital he tried to tell everyone his wife and bookkeeper were the ones trying to kill him.  Of course the wife was going to say anything she could to get the suspicion off of her.

This book is about forgiveness, inspirational, heroism, and courage.  If you want a spell binding, chilling read, this is the book you must read. *****

 Barbara Hightower: Babs Book Bistro 

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   Mary Beeson - XchlerConn 

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   "Truly Inspirational & Heartfelt"

                     ***** 5 Stars

"I thought 'Fighting The Devil' was motivating and full of heart wrenching drama. 

I have to admit that the first few pages and one of the first reflections back had me really worried, but that soon passed and I was drug in. I cannot believe that someone, Jeannie, could go through a series of events such as these and be brave enough to tell about such things. Most people who live through events like she has block them and act as if they had never happened. But Jeannie Walker did not do this. She faced her fears the first time and went on a hell bent mission for truth, and then she dwelled on her thoughts as she wrote them down to inspire others.

Truly inspirational and heartfelt, as well as a tear jerker."


Tammy Schneider 
 Book reviewer and professional journalist for "Affaire de Coeur" magazine.

 "Very Intriguing Account"   

             ***  3 Stars

This book is an account of one woman's experience living through the murder of her ex-husband, then following the steps it took to uncover the murderer and bring about justice. It does not read like a novel but more of recounting from memory - a step by step telling of events, adding legal evidence and backstory as necessary. It is obviously amateur but also intriguing, especially if one is interested in the journey from crime to punishment in a "Law & Order" kind of way but given from a lay-person point of view.

There are black and white photos through out which bring the reader a real and up-close look at everyone involved. It also adds a bit of creepiness as we look at the author smiling over the casket or read captions that state how much fun the deceased is having with his wife in the same chapter that tells of their hatred for each other. The photos are many, from a picture of a bottle of Cranapple juice beside a bottle of arsenic to a professional photo of the author with the caption "sad that her ex-husband died". Overall, this is a very intriguing account if one is interested in the road that leads to justice.