Jeannie Walker
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                            "DEADLY WOMEN"  Hunger for Cash

                          SEASON 8 EPISODE 6  features

                         true crime story "Fighting the Devil"

     When some women lust for money, it costs family and friends more than their bank account.

Putting money above lives, these "DEADLY WOMEN" have a "HUNGER FOR CASH".


                                   "Fighting the Devil"


                 award-winning author Jeannie Walker


Jeannie Walker, the author of award-winning true crime "Fighting the Devil" tells about her millionaire ex-husband, who was fed arsenic and suffered an excruciating death.

Was money hungry Debra Lynn Baker, the Texas millionaire's bookkeeper, the only deadly woman who had a hunger for cash?

Were there other accomplices in the arsenic poisoning murder of the Texas millionaire?

Were there any other victims?