Jeannie Walker
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                                                    Deadly Deadline

                   "DEADLY WOMEN" Hunger for Cash

                              SEASON 8 EPISODE 6  

                Award-Winning True Crime "Fighting the Devil"

     When some women lust for money, it costs family and friends more than their bank account.

Putting money above lives, these "DEADLY WOMEN" have a "HUNGER FOR CASH".


                                   "Fighting the Devil"


                 award-winning author Jeannie Walker


Jeannie Walker, the author of award-winning true crime "Fighting the Devil" tells about her millionaire ex-husband, who was fed arsenic and suffered an excruciating death.

Was money hungry Debra Lynn Baker, the Texas millionaire's bookkeeper, the only deadly woman who had a hunger for cash?

Were there other accomplices in the arsenic poisoning murder of the Texas millionaire?

Were there any other victims?