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Medal of Valor Award

    Commissioners' Medal of Valor Citations - Texas Rangers

The Commissioners' Medal of Valor is the highest honor bestowed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It is awarded to officers who have displayed conspicuous gallantry, courage and heroism at considerable risk to their own lives.  

           Texas Ranger Sgt. William R. Gerth Awarded Medal of Valor 

"Awarded in recognition of the gallant manner in which he risked his own life to preserve that of a fellow law enforcement officer.

Ranger William R. Gerth, on May 19, 1983, in Wichita Falls, Texas, responded to a police department radio broadcast advising that an alleged bank robber was travelling on Sisk Road in that City. Ranger Gerth observed the suspect vehicle and requested backup support from a DPS trooper. As the trooper joined pursuit, the suspect vehicle came to an abrupt stop.

The robbery suspect exited his vehicle and immediately opened fire with an automatic weapon on the trooper causing minor lacerations and pinning the trooper inside his vehicle. As the armed suspect approached the trooper's vehicle, Ranger Gerth became involved in an exchange of gunfire with the suspect which resulted in the suspect being killed.

As a result of Gerth's positive, timely, and gallant actions, the life of the DPS trooper was spared."

* The Medal of Valor has been awarded to four Texas Rangers - Sgt. William R. Gerth, Sgt. Stanley Keith Guffey, Sgt. John Aycock, Sgt. Danny V. Rhea 

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