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       * Texas Ranger Bill Gerth  

    (Medal of Honor Texas Ranger who worked on the murder case)

"I read your book. It's a remarkable true story and a very meaningful book. You did a fine job. Sheriff Bogard would be proud of you."

     * Becky Sternadel

I am Becky Sternadel, the daughter mentioned in the book, "Fighting the Devil".  I found the book to be enlightening, but heartbreaking at the same time. My dad was poisoned to death and died a slow, painful death while strapped down and begging everyone for help. My step-mother kept me and the rest of the family from knowing how sick my dad was and none of us knew about the arsenic poison until the day before my dad died.  My step-mother is a very evil person.

I cried a lot while reading the book. But, once I started reading it, I could not put it down except to wipe the tears away.  One thing I know for sure is that after reading this book, I wish I could go back in time and do things different. Life is too short. It is important for us to love our mother and our father with all our heart every day of our life. Time can't be replaced and we can't make up for lost time. My mother put a lot of effort into this book. I appreciate the time and energy she put forth in order to bring my dad's murder to light for everyone to read. I know how hard it must have been for my mother to relive a lot of things that she lived through and probably wanted to forget forever. I hope others never have to suffer the torment that my family and I went through. I still have no closure on the horrible death of my father. I don't know if I will ever have closure for the way he suffered and died. I think my mother's book is quite an achievement and accomplishment. I am very proud of her for writing the book.

       *Alex Gardner

This True Crime Story will draw you in!

 A Great Read!

This is a story that had to be told. The true crime is the two steps forward, one step back style murder of Jerry Sternadel is no mystery from the first page--but that's not what makes this book so enchanting. It's the personable style of Jeannie Walker's story-telling with details so intimate, vivid and real, you feel as if you've stumbled onto her diary with a few cut photos that spilled out along the way. I went into this expecting to find the secret killer revealed through cleverly disguised clues dropped along the way. But the 'who' and the 'why' are revealed at the outset. I walked away feeling as if I'd gained a trusted friend who taught me something about God's protection in times of trouble, faith in overcoming odds and believing in a dream, patience in waiting for a long sought victory

The chilling details, and the cold-heartedness of the wife and book-keeper pushed me to dig deeper into the news accounts of the story. I wondered if the story had been embellished or exaggerated in some way. I wanted to believe that two people wouldn't really conspire to do something so horrible to another person; let alone rinse and repeat until the deed was done in the face of profound human suffering. In fact, the author rose above the opportunity to sensationalize, and you'll be impressed with the matter-of-fact style.

     *Marilou George

       A True Personal Story!

Jeannie Walker's "Fighting the Devil" tells the true story of Murder and it's effects on the people left behind and their search for Justice. From the beginning this book grabbed my attention. The fact that this was a true story and a story that involved the Author made it even more interesting. Jeannie Walker's courage in sharing details of her and her children's lives and in her constant search for truth and justice are truly amazing. If this book is not on your "must read list" you are truly missing out!!!




             *Rebecca Scarberry

      Shocking True Story

While reading this book, my heart ached thinking of Jeannie Walker's children. No adult, let alone a child, should ever have to suffer through this much pain. It could possibly take years more for Jeannie and her children to recover from the heartache, injustices and horror. Without giving too much away, it is sad the battle for justice must continue, but I would do no less than Jeannie is continuing to do today. My having been a legal secretary/paralegal years ago, I should have been able to foresee the outcome. It took me by surprise I assume because I was unaware of the Texas laws regarding this matter. I am now fully informed and outraged. I support Jeannie in her struggle to get the laws changed and wish I had a magic wand I could use to take away her childrens' pain.

            * Joyce Richards Gardner 

I started your book last night and already half through! HAVE GOT TO GO TO BED FOR CHURCH IN THE AM! All I can say is HOLY COW.......I sit here thinking this is NOT a fiction book it really happened and so sad! My heart is aching for you and your children! Figure I will have it finished by tomorrow, calling for rain! SO FAR......AWESOME!"  "I can't wait to finish and share with my sister and step-mom! We are all big readers, but I KNOW this one is a "can't put down"! I have to admit, it is so good I find myself reading when brushing my teeth just so I can find out what happens next!"  

I finished the book and IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!  

TRUST ME, if you start reading forget about putting it down till you finish!!! Thank goodness, I began reading it on the weekend, but still have you ever tried drying your hair AND reading at the same time? YEP....... that is how good this book is! You will finish in a state of shock, an if like me, you will have to know what happens next! Not to mention, falling in love with Jeannie and her family! 

The day I finished, I called my step-mother and said I have a book that you MUST read. Also, I  discovered a friend who lives in Wichita Falls and told her she HAS to read "Fighting the Devil".


Must say that I am so mad the bookkeeper only got probation and the other one (the widow) is still out parading around! I typed in the bookkeeper's name and it looks like on the news that she might be up for parole again! I will PRAY it is revoked! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep me up on what happens. You and your family are in my prayers and I hope one day this will be a thing of the past! May God bless you!!! Joyce 


  Jo Anne B.  - Avid Book Reader on Goodreads

            * Jo Anne B.

Holy cow! Such an incredible book!!! 

I watch Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery and this blows them away. I never read a book about a murder mystery that happened in real life, let alone from someone personally involved with the victim. This was such a thorough recount of a woman's relentless efforts to right her ex-husband's death and bring his murderers to justice. It was so well written you couldn't help feel like you were reliving the events with Jeannie as she told the story.

I actually can't believe Jeannie would dedicate so much of her life to this investigation. Her ex-husband Jerry that was poisoned to death was not a good person. One time while they were married he locked her out of the house thinking she was out cheating on him. "I didn't know at the time, but sleeping in the car that night had been just the beginning of the seemingly endless mental and physical abuse I would suffer and endure in the days and years ahead." She believed "Jerry was suffering from some kind of disorder or illness of the mind." He became obsessed with money but was never satisfied nor happy. When they divorced, she let him have all their assets, custody of their two kids (he even banned communication with them). But Jerry continued to threaten her and  stalk her even putting sugar in her gas tank, and loosening the lug nuts on her tires. He remarried and molested his new wife's daughter for years. She said "One of the reasons I will do everything to help you put people who poisoned Jerry behind bars is because I truly believe Jerry was changing intoma God-fearing person." What faith Jeannie had! You couldn't help feel sorry for Jerry for how much he suffered from the poisoning all while knowing the truth about who was behind it all. I have to give Jeannie kudos for her endless pursuit in the investigation. She was even deputized in order to help the police more in their investigation. Thankfully there are people like this to see that justice is served. I hope Jeannie and her family feel some resolution and peace about Jerry's death.

            * Carmen Anders Ezell 

 I finished 'Fighting the Devil' yesterday...... it was sooooooo good!  It made me angry that Lou Ann got off scott free though....   ( : < {

I really enjoyed reading your book....... one of my favorite things about working in the library is that I come across things that I would probably NEVER see if I DIDN'T work there.....

I'm SOOOO glad we are friends! God Bless you and keep in touch!  : < )


               * Sue Carlson

      Twitter:   PBRLeeTweets

I finished the book - WOW! 

My heart goes out to you & your family. Any closer to arresting LouAnn? Such an evil woman. Great work on your part!!!

    * Amy Hornsberger Oliver


  I have my book!!!*** 
  It's a GREAT READ and gave me a more rounded 
  perspective on a story I thought I knew: :0)       








                 *Jack Corbin

         "Finished your book today. I really liked it.

         I am sorry the wife was not prosecuted. She will get               hers one day. 

         Congratulations on your AWARDS!


            *Mary Helen Cuellar


You are an amazing writer! Finished your book while I was out of town. I realy couldn't put the book down once I started reading it. Your book reached out and grabbed my heart, mind and soul while reading it. I felt so bad for you and your family, especially the father of your children for the way he was brutally murdered. Justice was found mostly through your efforts. You write cogently ~clearly, logically, and convincing~ with immense depth of feeling, perception and description. 

Congratulations on your Book of the Year Winner Award and the NIEA Finalist Award. You deserved both!

             *Jim Fisher 

Wow, I wasn't expecting that good of a story. 

I have to thank you for my first experience with a book that I truly couldn't put down. I was impressed with Ted Dekker's ability to turn a twist, but you raised the bar. An interesting story and your depiction was fascinating reading.

 I can't imagine the hurt you and your family went and still are going through. I have lost love ones, but not by murder. I don't know if I would have the strength to seek justice and fight the level you did.

I started the book Tuesday morning and carried it around the ranch all day reading between my daily tasks. I truly couldn't stop reading. That night I stopped right after Debbie received probation. I honestly had trouble sleeping worrying about her still running around Texas. I was relieved to find out she finally got put in prison. Praying justice will finally come to Lou Ann.    

I don't normally offer a guest post to my blog, but being so impressed with the book. I would post an entry by you to promote the book.  God bless,  Jim



           * Shana Perkins  

            I loved your book!!! 


      It was so very interesting!!!


       * Sherrie Odom: 


     "I absolutely loved this book!

There are spine-chilling episodes in "Fighting the Devil" that will create both terror and excitement in readers! I thought the book was very fascinating, intense and downright scary at times. Felt like I was right there with the author on her journey. 

I highly recommend it.



       * Sharon Mount


Jeannie, I have finished reading your book, but I can't stop thinking about you, your family and what you went through. 

I pray that someday everyone involved in this horrible murder will be brought to justice and you and your children will have some closure. 

Congratulations on the awards for your book. You deserve them. God Bless you and your family. 

     * Pamela Hobbs

      I found your book intelligently written. 

          I recommended it to everyone I know

          God bless.


             * Janet Throneberry 

 I purchased "Fighting The Devil" at a very busy time. 

 Still, I could not put it down. 

The True Crime genre has SO many choices, but this one I loved for its crisp language and attention to detail. Thanks for letting the story tell the story!  In fact, I  felt nauseated at times, whenever reading the physical/medical facts.  That's when  I knew Jeannie Walker had done a fantastic job!

       * Beth Van Houten


I know I am late with my review on your book, but I enjoyed reading it. 

I learned something new about the justice system. I enjoyed seeing photos of Jake, he was my cousin, and a good person. 

It was interesting for me to read a book about memories from my childhood. I remember the letters, and Becky not liking her step-mother.  Anyway, I will keep you both in my prayers and pray that justice will be done. Again, a very good book!

         * Ramonica Wallace Jackson 

    "There is no doubt that God has his hands upon you!"

         * Eugene Ridinger 

    "It has definitely held my attention. 

I usually can't sit and read for hours at a time like that but this book is so interesting I read half of it before I knew it."


       * Erica Tittle

      "I 'SO' loved your book!"

      * Chrystal Broussard Compean

"Just wanted to let you know, that I am reading your book and I am really enjoying it. It is so neat reading it and actually knowing who these people are and remembering everything going on. I'm absolutely loving it and hate to put it down."




      * Raynae Miller Long




             I  COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!"




         * Marissa Haney 

"I borrowed your book from a friend today and I am almost finished with it. I can't put it down!!! Love it!"


        * Gay Pruitt Stewart

"My mom was here from Texas. I gave her the copy of your book that I had got her...she couldn't put the book down. She read the whole book in one day! She loved the book!!"



        * Linda Thomas  


      "I'm reading your book. It's really good!



           * Beverly Dorrington 

 "What a journey!!!  What a story!!!  

   Almost unbelievable!!!"



        Cindy Weist

 "I haven't finished the book yet, only because i've been working so many hrs. However, I have been reading it every chance I get and I love it!!! It's really hard to put down. I even mentioned it to one of my customers the other day at work and he is going to go buy it."


       * Pam Terry McClain 

      "I ordered your book for myself for my birthday...
          have just got started on it. But, I want you to know 
          I am really enjoying it."



       * Marjorie McClure

    "Your book kept me on the edge of my seat!"




*  Erma & Ivan Evans  

       "Ivan started with the book and didn't lay it down until he finished it. 

          So now I have a chance to read it."   




       * Sheri Petmecky 

     "Well written, lots of suspense.

      You write very clearly of your emotions.  

       I am very impressed!"


      * Geri McClung 

      "I loved your book! 

       I know a good book when I read one. 

       My husband was an author too."



      * Lois Cross

It is very well written. It certainly shows the other side of the world what happens in true life. While some of the world is going along smoothly, there are others of us who are having to deal with tragedy on every side. Thank goodness for people like Jeannie Walker who won't let bad people get away with what they are doing.



      * Keith Wilson 

I have read the book. It is well written. Jeannie became a sleuth to help solve the murder. The book does have both a frustrating and sad ending. The Texas millionaire's widow was never charged for her part in the crime even though all parties involved knew there was a conspiracy between the widow and the bookkeeper  in the murder. The bookkeeper  was arrested, tried and convicted for the murder. But, it is still an open murder case. The reviews have been very positive. After reading the book, I have just one thing to say, "Don't make Jeannie mad." 




      * Paul & Sandra Everhart

"This is a very intense story. In reading this book I found many faults of the criminal justice system.  Being a criminal justice major and teaching it in college, there is strong evidence that justice is not being served to the innocent."  Paul Everhart






      * Kevin Barry

    "I thought the book was fantastic!"

         * Linda Webb

 I read the book and really enjoyed the easy reading. Contents kept me interested as I lived in the area, and could relay to the characters and the area that it occurred. 

Thanks Jeannie for sharing one of your stories. 

I loved the book!

    * Barbara Stewart

After I read your book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I purchased another one to give to my friend as a gift. Thank you for letting me put your book into my beauty shop so that others can purchase it and enjoy it as much as I did. I am so glad I met you and we are friends. I highly recommend the book to everyone who loves reading good books. 


     * Misty Huffman

I read this book from cover to cover in two days and am still sleeping with the lights on. 

It is very well written in a style and voice that is both clear, concise, and pleasing. The tragic facts of this story are unnerving and leave one deeply troubled that such horrific events took place. I highly recommend this book.

  * Jeannie Miller Etheridge

   "Hi Jeannie, I bought your book and I'm reading it. I'm about 2 chapters in. It's really good so far!"






  * Glenda Jenkins


  I read your book and enjoyed it. 

  I found it fascinating and very interesting. 


      * Isaac Rowen 

   "Fighting the Devil is a great book!

   It is the best book I've read in years.

   I highly recommend it! 

* Cinnamon Brown:  "What a fantastic book!"

* Mark Glasgow: "I can't put it down."

* Lynette Gill:  "I read your book. Interesting."

*  Rose-Librarian: "It's a good read!"

*  Jewel-Librarian: "I've just finished reading your book. It's a very gripping story, and I know our patrons will like to read it."

* Mickie Bedford Miller: "I read the book!  It's a tremendous book!!!!!!!!"

*  Annie Taylor: "Fighting the Devil is an incredible book! It was a story that definitely needed  to be told."