Jeannie Walker

The True Crime Story was aired on "SNAPPED"


Season 1, Episode 12:  Debra Baker 

15 October 2004


By most accounts, Jerry Sternadel, a Texas millionaire, had a perfect life and by all accounts, his bookkeeper, Debra Lynn Baker had the perfect job. She was also a close confidant of Sternadel's wife, Lou Ann. They were so close that many, including the millionaire, began to suspect that the pair were more than just friends and probably lovers.

In 1990, the millionaire fell deathly ill and on several occasions was admitted to the hospital. He died in the hospital shortly after he told friends and everyone who would listen that his wife and bookkeeper were killing him.

A follow-up autopsy revealed that the millionaire had ingested a lethal dose of arsenic.

A short time later, the Sheriff and Texas ranger discovered a storage shed rented by Debra Lynn Baker contained correspondence addressed to her boss, Jerry Sternadel and a bottle of arsenic. Debra was arrested and charged with murder.

At the murder trial, the prosecutor painted a picture of a hate triangle... Jerry Sternadel hated his wife and wanted to divorce her. Debra Lynn Baker hated her boss and the millionaire's wife, Lou Ann Sternadel hated the thought of losing her lavish lifestyle.

The prosecutor argued that Debra murdered the millionaire in an evil and heinous way before he could divorce her beloved friend, Lou Ann.

Based on the testimony and the evidence the jury found Debra Lynn Baker guilty of "First Degree Murder".

But in a surprising twist, the same jury that convicted Debra turned around and sentenced her to10-years probation, community service and a fine of 10,000.00. As time passed, Debra could not stay out of trouble. She was arrested for parole violations and was sentenced to ten years in prison.


Jeannie Walker penned the true crime "Fighting the Devil" detailing the murder and her journey from being the ex-wife of the millionaire to a real-life Sherlock Holmes to help solve his murder

The award-winning true crime, "Fighting the Devil" details the heinous murder with facts and photos along with her strange odyssey of dealing with evil phenomenas from the belly of hell..