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Fighting the Devil by Jeannie Walker. WOW! I loved this book. It gave me shivers and chills. I could not put it down. I kept reading until my eyes got blurry. The book is about a horrific murder and a terrifying fight with the devil that the author lived through. All I can say is: "People, you have got to read this book. It is a book you will remember reading and will probably want to read again." I also thought this video was terrific. I give both the book and the video a thumbs UP!

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This is a very good video that goes with a great book about the murder of aTexas millionaire rancher who died a painful, horrific death from arsenic poison. I read the book and recommend it to everyone who likes mystery and suspense novels. The book won't disappoint you! In my humble opinion, the book, "Fighting the Devil" by Jeannie Walker gets 5 stars and same goes for the video trailer. 


This book rocks! But, it was a horrible way for the Texas millionaire to die. It was evil the way this poor man was murdered. The author took on evil and wrote about it in an extraordinary way. I admire Jeannie Walker for her courage and unwavering generosity. This is a very good book! Found it very interesting and affecting. The author is a good writer. I had to break my silence because this is one of the best books I have read in a while. I have read a lot of books. In particular, I like true stories. This was a good narrative non-fiction book with lots of unexpected twists and turns. Hope there is a sequel.?


I bought the book and I'm glad I did. I thought it was a very good book. I recommend it. 

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I loved the book Fighting the Devil. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I hope this book is made into a movie.

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The book, Fighting the Devil by author Jeannie Walker is a well written book. I found it very intriguing and interesting. I love true crime books, but this one has more than I ever expected in a true crime story. The bone-chilling scenes the author writes about left me with a very frightening sense that the demonic episodes she tells about were actually happening and could happen to me or anyone.  I highly recommend the book.